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  Practical Info  Required Clothing The central highlands can be significantly cooler throughout the yearand warm clothes will be needed. Lightweight rainwear is alsorecommended any time of year.  Electricity 230 volts AC, 50Hz. Round three-pin plugs are usual, with bayonet lampfittings.  Social Conventions Shaking hands is the normal form of greeting. It is customary to beoffered tea when visiting and it is considered impolite to refuse.Punctuality is appreciated. A small token of appreciation, such as asouvenir from home or company, is always welcomed. Informal, Westerndress is suitable, except when visiting Buddhist temples, where modestclothing should be worn (eg no bare legs and upper arms). Visitorsshould be decently clothed when visiting any place of worship, andshoes and hats must be removed. Jackets and ties are not required bymen in the evenings except for formal functions when lightweight suitsshould be worn.  Language Sinhala, Tamil and English. EatingShopping   Sri Lanka   Regional Specialities ã Hoppers  is a cross between a muffin anda crumpet, served with a soft-baked egg ontop. ã Stringhoppers  are steamed circlets of riceflour, thinner than noodles. ã Jaggery   is fudge made from thecrystallised sap of the kitul   palm. ã The rather smelly durian  fruit isconsidered a great delicacy. Tipping Most hotels include a 10% service charge.Extra tipping is optional.  Food Drink All water should be regarded as beingpotentially contaminated. Water used fordrinking, brushing teeth or making ice shouldhave first been boiled or otherwisesterilised. Bottled water and a variety of mineral waters are available at most hotels.Unpasteurised milk should be boiled.Powdered or tinned milk is available and isadvised. Pasteurised and sterilised milk isavailable in some hotels and shops. Avoiddairy products made with unboiled milk. Onlyeat well-cooked meat and fish. Vegetablesshould be cooked and fruit peeled. Opening Hours Mon-Fri 0900-1730, Sat 0900-1300. Credit Cards MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted.American Express is also often accepted. Majorcities have ATMs, although not all will acceptinternational cards. The tourist board urgescaution when paying by credit card due to thepotential for fraud. Travellers Cheques The rate of exchange for traveller's cheques canbe better than the rate of exchange for cash. Toavoid additional exchange rate charges, travellersare advised to take traveller's cheques in USDollars or Pounds Sterling.  Exchange Rates AUD 1 = LKR 100.12EUR 1 = LKR 176.00GBP 1 = LKR 209.26USD 1 = LKR 132.42 Rates correct as of 10 Dec 2013 © 2013 Columbus Travel Media Ltd.All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.For information visit  Publishing world-class travel guides since 1982.
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