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Two-Phased Mappig & Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) You-Hee Ha, Hyo-Youg Choi Two-Phased Mappig Prefix:ETR à Prefix:AS# (Phase I) ad AS#:ETRs (Phase II) Phase II mappig iformatio ca be distributed
Two-Phased Mappig & Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol (ILNP) You-Hee Ha, Hyo-Youg Choi Two-Phased Mappig Prefix:ETR à Prefix:AS# (Phase I) ad AS#:ETRs (Phase II) Phase II mappig iformatio ca be distributed betwee xtrs as a BGP extesio Ay prefix recofiguratio withi a AS will ot be reflected Makes highly dyamic updates stable à reduces update overhead Adaptable to ay proposal based o the core/edge split Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Requiremets Try ad support a harmoized solutio to may etwork fuctios: w Multi-homig (host ad site) w Mobility (host ad etwork) w Multi-path capable trasport protocols w Localized addressig (NAT) w Traffic egieerig capability w Packet-level, ed-to-ed security Curretly, solutios for these fuctios remai disparate ad do ot fuctio well together 3 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Egieerig issues for ILNPv6 Have a icremetally deployable solutio that is also backwards compatible: w Core etwork devices ad protocols should ot eed to chage, e.g. routers, switches of today ca be used without modificatio w Reuse the existig core protocol deploymet as much as possible, e.g. make use of existig IPv6 w Try to limit the impact o curret applicatios (but we have to accept some applicatios might break) w The ed system stack will eed to chage, but chages should ru i parallel with curret stack 4 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Layers are etagled Protocol Layer Applicatio Trasport Network IP FQDN or IP address IP address (+ port umber) IP address ß As a Sessio Idetifier ß As a Idetifier ß As a Locator (Iterface) IP address ß As a Iterface idetifier 5 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Namig: IP vs. ILNP Protocol Layer IP ILNP Applicatio Trasport FQDN or IP address IP address (+ port umber) FQDN (RFC1958) Idetifier (+ port umber) Network IP address Locator (Iterface) IP address (dyamic mappig) 6 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) ILNPv6 Ca be see as a set of extesios to IPv6: w Uses same packet format as IPv6 i etwork core. w IPv6 core routers do ot eed to chage. w Icremetally deployable o IPv6 core. w Backwards compatible with IPv6. Split 128-bit IPv6 addresses: w 64-bit Locator (L) etwork ame. w 64-bit Idetifier (I) ode ame. Could also be retro-fitted to IPv4 (but messy) 7 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) IPv6 addresses ad ILNPv6 IPv6 routig (address) prefix same sytax, differet sematics 8 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) IPv6 packet header 9 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) ILNPv6 packet header 10 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) 11 Locators ad Idetifiers Locator, L: w Topologically sigificat w Names a (sub)etwork (as today s etwork prefix) w Used oly for routig ad forwardig i the core w Ca chage value durig the lifetime of a trasport sessio (mobility, site-cotrolled traffic egieerig) w Multiple Locators ca be used simultaeously (multi-homig, multipath trasport protocols) Idetifier, I: w Is ot topologically sigificat w Names a logical/virtual/physical ode, does ot ame a iterface w Remais costat durig the lifetime of a trasport sessio (localized addressig, IPSec) w Multiple Idetifiers ca be used simultaeously by a ode, but ot for the same sessio Upper layer protocols bid oly to Idetifier Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) DNS ehacemets required Name DNS Type Defiitio Idetifier ID Names a ode Locator L64 Names a subet Reverse Locator Reverse Idetifier Locator Poiter PTRL PTRI LP FQDN for the DNS server resposible for subet L FQDN for the I that is represet at subet L Forward poiter from FQDN to a L record 12 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Examples of ILNP Usage 13 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) NAT i IP ad ILNP 14 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Mobility Networks i ILNP Use NAT to hide the movemet to iteral odes SBR chages Locator value as the mobile etwork moves w Seds Locator Update (LU) messages to correspodets w Update DNS 15 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Mobility Networks i ILNP Network layer soft-hadoff possible Requires at least 2 radio chaels (or 2 radio iterfaces) SBRs ca hadle Locator rewritig ad forwardig as required 16 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Mobile Hosts i ILNPv6 Mobility/multi-homig duality A idividual mobile host (MH) picks up a ew Locator value as it moves ito a ew etwork MH seds Locator Update (LU) messages to correspodets for existig sessio MH Updates DNS with ew Locator value If cell overlap, MH ca use multiple Locator values simultaeously for soft had-off 17 Algorithms ad Practice Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Multi-homig i ILNPv6 For IP today, Provider Idepedet (PI) prefixes are popular: w Prefix = Idetity w No reumberig Multi-homig prefixes ca lead to bloat i the RIB of the DFZ: w No-aggregateable prefixes 18 Algorithms ad Practice Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Multi-homig i ILNPv6 ILNP, Locator take from the allocated prefixes of ISP: w Idetity ot related to Locator w Reumberig through operatio of IPv6 No extra prefixes required: w All Locator values visible via DNS 19 Algorithms ad Practice Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) 20 Compariso with LISP LISP ILNPv6 What chages? Network Host Architecture Map-ad-ecap Namig Site reumberig No Optioal Ed-host chages No Yes New etwork etities required Yes No Backboe MTU access MTU Yes No BGP & DFZ state reductio Yes Yes State displacemet EID-RLOC mappig DNS lookups Workig code Yes I progress Well-behaved applicatios work without modificatio Yes Yes IPv6 Yes Yes IPv4 Yes Possibly* *Techically possible, deployability uclear Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Compariso with LISP LISP ILNPv6 Site multi-homig Yes Yes Host multi-homig Not curretly defied* Yes Multicast Yes Yes Traffic egieerig optios Yes Yes Localized addressig (NAT) I progress** Yes Harmoized fuctioality I progress** Yes Mobile hosts I progress** Yes Mobile etworks Not curretly defied* Yes Multi-path trasport No Yes *Techically possible, deployability uclear **Iteret draft documet available. 21 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) No free luch DNS support ot ew, but explicit i ILNPv6: w New RRs + zero TTL for some DNS records w Secure DNS Dyamic Update for Locator chages Reumberig + address maagemet at sites No globally routeable iterface ame, which may impact some applicatios such as SNMP Some legacy applicatios may break, e.g. FTP Iterworkig scearios (IPv6, IPv4) 22 Idetifier/Locator Network Protocol(ILNP) Critiques Deploymet icetives ad beefits Provider s chage (reumberig routers, subets, ad certai servers) Isufficietly mobile for faster movig Hadlig commuicatio iitiatio with a explicit idetifier/locator pair How to determie valid locator pairs amog multiple locators 23
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