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Installation Guide for Underfloor Heating System Technical information Exclusively for Uponor installers – collect uPoints and get rewarded! LOOK FOR uPoints On selected Uponor Products You have put your trust in us and our products. Now we would like to thank you – with our loya
  Installation Guide for  Underoor Heating System Technical information  Exclusively for Uponor installers – collect uPoints and get rewarded! You have put your trust in us and our products. Now we would like to thank you – with our loyalty scheme, Uponor & more. Collect uPoints when buying selected Uponor products and exchange them for rewards. 1.Register  Register to join the scheme and enjoy the many advantages of Uponor & more! 2.Collect uPoints uPoint vouchers are enclosed in many key Uponor products. Just enter the unique voucher code number in the Up-onor & more portal at www.uponor-more. co.uk and ll up your uPoint account. 3.Choose rewards Now for the best part of the Uponor & more scheme. Once you have collected enough uPoints, simply exchange them for fantastic rewards! Enjoy! It’s so easy: www.uponor-more.co.ukUponor uPoint voucher and rewards Uponor voucher enclosed in many Uponor Products.   Code:uPoints:Item: www.uponor-more.com Uponor & moreUponor & more LOOK FOR uPoints On selected Uponor Products 02 l Uponor UFH Technical Guide  Introduction and Guarantee 4 Underoor Heating Design Principles 5Preparation and Installation Principles (prior to installation) 9Installation instructions13 - Manifolds 14- Minitec System16- Solid Screed Floor 22- Self Attaching System 25- Timber Suspended Floor 30- Siccus Floating Floor 31- Tignum Wood Panel System 34 Water Temperature Control41 - Push 12 42- V5 Compact Control Pack 46- VPG and PPG Control Sets 48- Smatrix Move/Move PLUS Controller 51 Uponor Heating & Cooling Controls 57 - Smatrix Wave 59- Smatrix Wave PLUS61- Smatrix Space 63- Smatrix Base 64- Base 230V65 Mechanical & Electrical Schematics plus typical layout 67 Heat Pumps 81 Filling, Venting and Pressure Testing 83 Starting-up & System Operation 87 - Auto-Balance 90- Trouble Shooting 92 Uponor UFH Technical Guide l 03  Underoor heating (UFH) systems are not difcult to design or to install, but it is important that the guidelines and instructions are carefully followed to ensure that the system performs correctly once installed and has a long service life. This guide explains the fundamental principles and design of Uponor UFH and also gives installation guidelines for the components and systems.Heating engineers familiar with installing conventional central heating systems will be accustomed to working with radiators, convectors and copper pipes.Installing UFH is different, although the heat source is often the same, the materials and method of heat distribution are different. 1. There is a central distribution point, the manifold, which is served by the primary heating source and which distributes warm water to the pipes of the UFH system. 2.  UFH operates with a low water temperature ow and return and therefore requires its own water temperature controls and own pump. 3.  UFH uses the whole oor area as the heating medium, replacing radiators or convectors.The use of Uponor pipe systems makes the installers physical task much easier. However, it is vital that the work is done correctly, as once the installation is complete and pipes are embedded in the oor, it would be difcult to make changes. Responsibility The overall efciency of the system is inherent in its design. The installer is solely responsible to the client for ensuring that the design and system criteria are followed. The system must be installed in accordance with the design and with other recommendations contained within this guide.This guide is not intended to override the skills of the individual installer; it is published simply as a guide to installing Uponor Underoor Heating Systems and is based on methods and practices developed over many years. It is hoped that it will provide a useful background on installation for those who are not yet familiar with the system.Words and pictures obviously cannot replace experience. The guide should be read through BEFORE attempting the rst installation. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all relevant information is supplied and to ensure that any design work from Uponor is suitable for the particular purpose.Uponor trained installers are available to install the UFH system. Technical support is available from Uponor to help with queries, if others are installing the system. However, it is important to note that the ultimate responsibility for the system operation rests with the installing company.Uponor Limited has a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to change any specication without notice. Guarantee Uponor Limited (“Uponor”) guarantees [to the srcinal purchaser/customer] that pipes and ttings sold by it are free of defects in materials or manufacture under normal conditions of use for a period of 25 years and in case of electrical and mechanical products for 2 year from the date of installation. This guarantee only applies to the products stored, installed, tested and operated in accordance with the tting instructions issued by Uponor and valid at the time the products were installed.Where a claim is made during the guarantee period and products are proven to be defective in materials and/or manufacture at the time of delivery, Uponor will supply replacement products free of charge. This is the exclusive remedy under this guarantee.Uponor disclaims any warranty or guarantee not expressly provided for herein, including any implied warranties of merchantability or tness for a particular purpose. Uponor further disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for losses, damages and expenses, including special, direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages, whether foreseeable or not, including without limitation any loss of time or use or any inconvenience arising from the ownership, installation or use of the products sold hereunder.This guarantee does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer. Introduction and Guarantee 04 l Uponor UFH Technical Guide
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