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Presentación de un artículo científico desarrollado sobre ubicación óptimas de PMUs mediante técnicas de clusterización
  Optimal Geographical Placement of Phasor Measurement Units based on Clustering Techniques D. Carrión 1 , E. Inga 1 , J. W. González 2  and R. Hincapié 2   1  Uniersidad Polit!cnica alesiana #$uito % &cuador' 2 Universidad Poni!cia olivariana #$edell%n & 'olo()ia* UP&C ()1*+1 st  ,nternational Uniersities Po-er &ngineering Conference*/ eptember ()1*  +vervie UP&C()1*( ãIntroductionãClustering Techniques ãK-MeansãK-Mmedoids ãProblem Formulation and ResultsãConclusions  Inrod-cion UP&C()1*0 Why use PMUs in P! #o$ to locate PMUs   'l-sering ec/ni0-es UP&C()1* ãClustering Techniques belong to gra%h theory&ãThey are used to identi'y elements $ith common characteristics $ithin a uni(erse o' elements&
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