Using Constitution & Charter against Star Chambers of Corrupt Judges, Magistrate & VCAT | Judiciaries | Supreme Courts

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Using Constitution & Charter against Star Chambers of Corrupt Judges, Magistrates, VCAT & Police 1. Notice of a Constitutional Matter 2. Affidavit in Support Applying the law on the corrupt system...every ripple matters, by using the 3 judgements at the end against Forrest J, VCAT Genevieve Nihill, Registrar Ratcliffe Applying the law on arbitrary and capricious interpretation of the LAW, by corporate administrators pretending to be judicial officers 1. s51 and s75 of the Constitution 2. Charter s33, s36 and s39 3. inter alia Using 1. Theft by deception (on fines) 2. Kable Principle, 3. Tomasevic v Travaglini & Anor - [2007] VSC 337 4. Charter, and common law rights 5. Mandamus: Arbitrary and capricious 6. (NOT INCLUDED) Separation of Powers A shout out to the other corrupt at VCAT: Anna Dae, Ian Lulham, Granger, Wentworth Supreme Court: Whelan, Forrest, Nettle (High Court now what a promotion), Neave.... All contributed to the death of Mr Gong Ling Tang, Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Ms Dhu etc...
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