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University of West Alabama COE 5E Lesson Plan (10 points) Teacher: _____________Allyson Jacobs ____________________________________________ Date: __________2/24/17_______________________________________________________________________ Subject area/course/grade level: _______4th science_________________________________________________ Materials: GPS , Small box, pencil, and paper________
  University of West AlabamaCOE5E Lesson Plan (10 points) Teacher: _____________Allyson Jacobs ____________________________________________ Date: __________2/24/17_______________________________________________________________________ Subect area/course/!ra e le#el: _______4 th  science_________________________________________________ $aterials: %&S ' Sall bo' pencil' an paper__________________________________________________________ Stan ar s: _____aps' irection____________________________________________________________ *becti#es: ____Stu ents +ill i enti,y !eospatial technolo!ies to ac-uire process an report in,oration ,oun by electronically !eocachin! _________________________________________________ Di.erentiation Strate!ies:  _________________________________________________________________________________  ENGAGEMENT: (1 points) plain !eocachin! an ae a !eocache%et supplies rea yplain !eocachin!$ae !eocacheAssessent: help stu ents ae !eocaches EXPLORATON: (1 points) %o o#er +hat a %&S is3 plain ho+ to rea aps an +hat the sybols ean3 se the irection to teach 5orth' South' ast' an 6est3plain +hat irection is an the process o, usin! it eplain a ap' +hat it is use ,or a an the ters that apply +ith aps3eplain the process o, usin! a %&S an ho+ irection an aps applyAssessent: n,oral assessent o, un erstan in! EXPLANATON: (1 points) Sho+ a #i eo about !eocachin!3se #ieo on !eocachin! +ebsite an sho+ to the stu ents3Assessent: +atch stu ents an ae sure they are payin! attention ELA!ORATON: (1 points) %o on a hunt aroun the outsi e o, the school to 8n !eocaches3plore the outsi eSearch by %&S' irection' an aps ,or !eocachesAssessent: 6atch stu ents ,or sa,ety E ALUATON: (1 points) 9eport the 8n in!s o, !eocaches3 The stu ents +ill hi e their o+n !eocaches an recor +here they put theirs3 Appro#e January' 201  6rite about the stu ents eperiences9eport +here the stu ents place their !eocaches3 References:Bybee, R.W. et al. (1989). Science and technology education for the elementary years: Frameworks for curriculum and instruction.  Washington, D.C.: The National Center for ! ro#ing nstr$ction.Bybee, R. W. (199%).  Achieving Scientific Literacy: From Purposes to Practices.  &'for: eine!ann. National Research Co$ncil. (1999).  Inquiry and the national science education standards: A guide for teaching and learning.  Washington, D.C.:  National *cae!y +ress.+ol!an, .-. (///).  esigning pro!ect #ased silence: $onnecting learners through guided inquiry.  Ne0 or2: Teachers College +ress. Appro#e January' 201
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