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    Vendor Application Pagan Pride Day July 30, 2017 Submitting Deadline: Must be postmarked by July 01,2017  Donation of affle item is appre!iated, but not mandatory Please spread t#e $ord of our e%ent &f you are promoting a group, in!lude it #ere 'e reser%e t#e rig#t to refuse groups $#o #a%e publi!ly dis!riminated or promoted a message of #ate to ot#er religions  Applicant’s Name(s):________________________________________________________________ Name of Business or Group:__________________________________________________________ Contact  Address:___________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State:__________ Zip:___________________ Email:_________________________________________________________________________ We  Address:_____________________________________________________________________ ! one:________________________________________________________________________ #a$:__________________________________________________________________________ !ulic Name: (for pulication)_________________________________________________________ Were you a !articipant pre%iously& ( Circle One ) N' (elcome) ES (elcome ac*)+a$ ,esale Numer:(-f applicale)  _______________________________________________________________ Space anted (%endors  o ant to di%ination in addition to sales can do so it out e$tra space) ____ (./0)/1$/1 information or di%ination oot (may a%e up to .211 in merc andise for sale) ____ (.21)/1$/1 sales oot 3 outdoor (limited space under t e pa%ilion3 plenty of space for pop ups) ____ (.20)/1$/1 sales oot 3 indoor (please as* in ad%ance4 Space limited) ____ (.50)/1$61 sales oot 3 outdoor     Basically3  at *ind of merc andise ill you e pro%idin7 at !a7an !ride 8ay&    ______________________________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________________________ -f you is to include a little somet in7 aout your usiness3 7roup or yourself in our e%ent pro7ram3 e ill try to accommodate you4 !lease e rief4 We may need to redact your description for content or space considerations4    ______________________________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________________________     Non-food Vendor Application Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement In Consideration of being permitted to participate with Pagan Pride, including but not limited to use of facilitiesor participation in any way, I the undersigned, hereby assume full responsibility and agree to Indemnify anda!e and old armless Pagan Pride, its owners, officers, and independent contractors, and parent organi#ation,for any loss, liability, damage, cost they may incur, and any claim, demands, or legal action on account of in$uryto the person or personal property or resulting in death of the undersigned, whether caused by the negligence of Pagan Pride, the undersigned or otherwise, while the undersigned is in, upon, or about the premises or anyfacilities, therein%I, the undersigned, e&pressly agree that the foregoing release and wai!er of liability and indemnity agreement isintended to be as broad and as inclusi!e as permitted by the law of the tate of 'est Virginia, and that if any portion of this release and wai!er is held in!alid, then it is agreed that the remainder of this release and wai!er of liability and indemnity agreement shall continue in full legal force and effect% he ndersigned as *ead andVoluntarily igns the *elease and 'ai!er of +iability and Indemnity Agreement, and further agrees that no oralrepresentations, statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement ha!e been made% I a!e*ead his *elease%ignature .ate ignature .ate ignature .ate ignature .ate If Participant is a minor, parent/legal guardian must signI, the undersigned, represent that I ha!e the actual authority to, and do hereby enter into this agreement on my  behalf and as an authori#ed agent or parent or legal guardian for all of the minors listed abo!e%ignature .ate   Mail to (Please make checks payable to Marc Roney, you can put Pagan Pride Day onthe Memo line)Pagan Pride Morgantownc/o Marc Roney12 Peninsula !l dMorgantown, #$ 2%&'1
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