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V47– 660 kW with OptiTip® and OptiSlip® One or two generators The V47-660 kW is delivered as standard with a single generator, which is highly efficient in the vast majority of wind conditions. However, a two-generator version is also available. This model contains a second, smaller, generator for use in wind speeds as low as 7 m/s. This means a lower sound level where it is most needed, as well as more efficient exploitation of modest wind conditions. Optimal pitch with O
   V47–660 kW  with OptiTip ® and OptiSlip ®  One or two generators The V47-660 kW is delivered as standard with a single generator, which is highly efficient in the vast majority of windconditions. However, a two-generator version is also available. This modelcontains a second, smaller, generatorfor use in wind speeds as low as 7 m/s.This means a lower sound level where it is most needed, as well as more efficient exploitation of modest wind conditions. Optimal pitch with OptiTip ®  Just like all other Vestas turbines, the V47-660 kW turbine is equipped withmicroprocessor-controlled OptiTip ® pitch regulation, which ensurescontinuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to theprevailing wind. The OptiTip ® systemmakes it possible to find the bestpossiblesolution to the often contradictory requirements for high output and low sound levels, depending on the location. OptiSlip ®  As mentioned above, the V47-660 kW turbine features the unique generatorprinciple OptiSlip ® , which allows boththe rotor and the generator to vary their RPM by up to 10% to cope during violent gusts of wind. In addition tominimising the load on various partsof the turbine, the OptiSlip ® systemalso ensures an appreciably betterpower quality. Lightning protection The V47-660 kW turbine is equipped with Vestas Lightning Protection, whichprotects the entire turbine from thetips of the blades to the foundations. Flexible blades  Vestas always measures and tests all new products down to the smallest detailbefore releasing them on the market.The flexible blades underwent a 6-month dynamic distortion test underextreme loads – more than they wouldnormally be exposed to in their 20-year service lives. The maximumloads and outward distortion of theblades were then checked in a statictest. The blades passed all the tests andnow make an appreciable contributionto the efficient production of the  V47-660 kW turbine.  1.Blade 2.Blade hub 3.Blade bearing 4.Main shaft 5.Secundary generator (V47-660/200 kW)6.Gearbox 7. Disc brake 8.Oil cooler 9.Cardan shaft 10.Primary generator 11.Service crane 12.Pitch cylinder 13.Machine foundation 14.Tower 15.Yaw control 16.Gear tie rod 17.Yaw ring 18.Yaw gears 19.VMP top control unit 20.Hydraulic unit  Proven Performance  We have spent many months testingand documenting the performance of this Vestas turbine. When we werefinally satisfied, we ran one last check by allowing an independent organisationto verify the results. This is standardpractice at Vestas – a procedure wecall Proven Performance. It is yourguarantee that your Vestas turbines meet the very highest requirements for energy production, availability factor, powerquality and sound levels.  ROTORV47-660 kWV47-660/200 kWDiameter:47 m47 mArea swept:1,735 m 2 1,735 m 2 Revolution speed:28.526/20Number of blades:33Power regulation:Pitch/OptiSlip ® Pitch/OptiSlip ® Air brake:FeatheredFeatheredTOWERHub height (approx.): 40–45–50–55 m40–45–50–55–60–65 mOPERATIONAL DATACut-in wind speed:4 m/s3.5 m/sNominal wind speed (660 kW):15 m/s16 m/sStop wind speed:25 m/s25 m/sGENERATORLarge generator:AsynchronousAsynchronouswith OptiSlip ® with OptiSlip ® Nominal output:660 kW660 kWOperational data:50 Hz50 Hz690 V690 V1,515–1,650 rpm1,515–1,650 rpmSmall generator:AsynchronousNominal output:200 kWOperational data:50 Hz690 V1,500–1,516 rpmGEARBOXType:PlanetPlanet/parallel axles/parallel axlesCONTROLType:Microprocessor-based control of all turbine functions with the option of remote monitoring. OptiSlip ® output regulation and OptiTip ® pitch regulation of the blades.Actual measurements of a Vestas660 kW turbine with OptiSlip ® OptiSlip  ®  allows the revolution speeds of both the rotor and the generator to vary by approx. 10%. This minimises both unwanted  fluctuations in the grid supply and the loads on the vital parts of the construction. Wind speed (m/s) 201816141210 TimePitch angle (°) 10121416 TimeGenerator (RPM) 150015301560159016201650 TimeOutput (kW) 0100200300400500600700 Time 4Wind speed [ m/s ]Power curveAir density 1.225 kg/m 3    O  u   t  p  u   t   [   k   W    ] 068101214161820222426100200300400500600700V47-660/200 kWV47-660 kW
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