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Seven Steps of Sorting at a Visy Household recycling collection delivered to Materials Recovery Facility Material Recovery Facility (MRF) 1. Pre-Sort RECYCLABLES 1. MANUAL – MRF staff manually ENTER HERE PRE-SORT 2. STAR SCREEN remove contamination
  2. ANGLED STARSCREEN2. STAR SCREENSORTING3.TO GLASSSORTINGFACILITYTOPAPERMILL7. MANUAL & 6. OPTICAL SORTING PAPER & CARDBOARD SORTINGOPTICALPAPER & PLASTICSORTING Household recycling collection delivered to Materials Recovery Facility 4. STEELMAGNET5. EDDYCURRENT1. MANUALPRE-SORT   RECYCLABLESENTER HERE HDPE PET MIXEDPLASTICS GLASSCRUSHER Seven Steps of Sorting at a Visy Material Recovery Facility (MRF) 1. Pre-Sort  – MRF staff manually remove contamination (eg. plastic bags). 2. Star Screen Sorting  – fans and a series of shafts fitted with rotating star shaped discs propel paper and cardboard forward, while bottles, cans and containers fall backwards. 3. Glass  – sent for further sorting by colour. 4. Magnets  – rotating magnetspick up steel cans. 5. Eddy Currents  – an electromagnet field repels aluminium cans off the conveyor belt. 6. Optical Sorting  – infrared sensors and air jets sort plastic types 1 and 2 (PET and HDPE respectively). Manual Sorting  – MRF staff manually sort the other plastic types (3 to 7). 1300 368 479 Email:
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