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Response Essay
  Chengyang PengUnit 2 Response EssayFebruary 28, 2017Writing 8Final DraftFous on the ! all Details#$n 1%&1, 'oren( )as running a nu erial o puter o*el to re*o a )eather  pre*ition+ e entere* the initial on*ition 0+-0& rather than full preision nu ber 0+-0&127+ o)e.er, the result )as o pletely *ifferent )eather senario+/ or*ing to Wiipe*ia, )e an no) it is alle* butterfly effet )hih eans #s all auses an ha.e large effet/ an* it is really o on in the )orl*+ ust lie the e3ponential funtion, if people hange 435 tri.ially, 4y5 )ill be hange* *ra atially+ $n fat, butterfly effet e3ists in people5s li.es e.ery)here+ 6hey are s all but they are onnete*+ 6herefore, people shoul* pay attention to s all *etails an* *eal )ith the appropriately rather than ignore the +utterfly effet is .ery o on+ Whether people belie.e it or not, it e3ists in people5sli.es e.ery)here+ n the one han*, being late aybe is an insignifiant proble + o)e.er, if so eone is applying for 9obs an* he al)ays be late at the 9ob inter.ie), it )oul* be a big  proble + :ot only an he not fin* 9obs, but he gi.es the inter.ie)er a ba* first i pression+ n the other han*, a ountry5s eono y poliy ight ay be s all to the )hole )orl*5s eono y, but if this ountry hanges the poliy fre;uently beause of inflation, the )hole )orl*5s eono y )ill be affete*+ 6herefore, fro the 9ob inter.ie) to the eono y, the s all auses are e.ery)here )hih play an i portant role in the larger e.ent+ 6he butterfly effet is also e.ery)here, so people nee* to be a)are of it+nother reason )hy people shoul* fous on s all *etails is that they are ignore* easily by people, but it an ha.e large *a ages+ People no) about the spae shuttle  Challengers *isaster in 1%8&+ 7 speialists an* astronauts *ie* in the rash+ <any people *on5t no) the *isaster )as ause* by so e o ponents )hih shoul* ha.e been use* to  pre.ent heat+ o)e.er, the *ay people launhe* the Challenger )as e3tre ely ol*+ What5s )orse, sientist *i*n5t test the o ponents in the ol* )eather, so they *i*n5t no) the o ponents ha* failure before the launh+ 6hat )as a s all istae )hih is easy to ignore,  but it is beause of this s all istae that the Challenger en*e* up e3plo*ing+ $f they ha* thought about this proble , it )oul* ha.e ost liely launhe* suessfully+ 6herefore, s all*etails *eter ine suess or failure+ E.ery s all *etail ay ause a large *isaster+ People shoul*n5t ;uestion the s all *etails in their life, but fous on the +!o e people ay ;uestion ho) an s all auses ha.e large effets+ o)e.er, this )orl* is onnete*+ ne a part of the )orl* hanges, the other parts ine.itable hange too, an* finally the )hole )orl* hanges+ ust lie )hat happene* in =aibab Forest+ t the  beginning of the 20>entury, presi*ent Roose.elt or*ere* the )ol.es in the forest to be ille* in or*er to protet the *eer+ When the )ol.es )ere ille*, the *eer population gre) sharply+ 6hey ate all the plants in the forest an* the .ast forest shrun+ $n ti e, the nu ber of *eer *erease* *ra atially+ Without )ol.es, the *eer *i*n5t e.en run, an* ost of the got si+ $t )as not until the forest )as *estroye* that people foun* out that they ha* been )rong+ 6he  balane of the hunter an* the prey in the eosyste is i portant, 9ust lie )ith *eer an* )ol.es+ Eah of the is a s all piee of the )hole eosyste + $f any of the is broen, the )hole syste )ill brea *o)n+ 6his is *ue to the butterfly effet+ 6here are relationships  bet)een the s all *etails an* the large effets+ 6herefore, people shoul* fous on the *etails+ll in all, s all *etails )hih are s all but i portant, )hih are easy to ignore but an ha.e large effets e3ist in people5s life+ Pay attention to the , only in this )ay an peoplesuee* ore easily+  Resoure?https?@@en+)iipe*ia+org@)ii@utterflyAeffethttps?@@en+)iipe*ia+org@)ii@!paeA!huttleAChallenger https?@@en+)iipe*ia+org@)ii@!paeA!huttleAChallengerA*isaster http?@@)))+enhante*learning+o @sub9uts@foo*hain@https?@@)apbaie+bai*u+o @ite @BE%B%BFBE-B%2B8CBE7B8BCBE7B%B8BE&B%-B8-BEBB8a*apt1
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