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This collection of stories of change brings together various short vignettes from community based organizations in South Africa under five key themes from programme work in country. The key areas of focus of these stories are: food security and livelihoods
  www.oxfam.org.auA COLLECTION OF VIGNETTES FROM SOUTH AFRICA  x  1 Credits Title: Wisdom from Everyday Development: A Collection of Vignettes from South Africa Published: March 2016 Authors: Nobhongo Gxolo, Nikita Smith, Linda Masango and Matthew Molver Editor: Cheryl Goodenough Design:  www.lumo.co.za Copyright:  Oxfam gives permission for excerpts from this book to be photocopied or reproduced provided that the source is clearly and properly acknowledged. Disclaimer: The views in this publication are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of Oxfam or any funding agency. The interview and review process was participatory and consent around content and inclusion of personal information was given to Oxfam by interviewees.Oxfam extends its thanks to all who contributed to this document. Contact Details:  Oxfam Australia 132 Leicester Street Carlton 3053 Victoria, Australia Phone: +61 3 9289 4444 Email: enquire@oxfam.org.au   www.oxfam.org.au  2 A small reflection on a big task BY NOBHONGO GXOLO Initially the task seemed daunting; doing extensive research as well as speaking to partner organisations, who have a lot on their plates, to gain their insights about the work they do and their exciting initiatives. Not all the interviews could be conducted face-to-face as partners work in different parts of the country. Some were done over email, others over the phone or Skype. Generally face-to-face conversation yields the best results so the approach had to be amended to try and counter the eventuality of not having the opportunity to ask follow-up questions, if the responses were submitted over email, for instance. Using four young writers to draw out the stories told by different voices provided diverse perspectives. It was also interesting for the writers to learn about partner organisations that lend a hand to struggling and vulnerable communities.
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